Presidentís Letter
Presidentís Letter
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It is a special honor and privilege to begin  

 my term as President of the APPAC. Our outgoing president Dr J. Kouros deserves enormous thanks for making us feel that we really are a part of APPAC. He himself remain for decades an excellent role model thus his loss is impossible to fill.

Thanks to the work of all our committees and the guidance of the council we are now entering a new era hoping to incorporate new multidisciplinary innovating mentoring projects worldwide. The councils’ main focus will be the updating of our Publishing Enterprises, research and educational programs for the upcoming years. In particular our intention is to create an interactive network providing scientific knowledge and practical advice regarding innovative healthcare models profitable for the community and update methodologies. We intend to use all of our resources to expand and improve scientific training at all levels and provide venues for our members to share their findings so as to facilitate scientific exchange and collaboration. APPAC & CSM can help bring us together to make our sciences better and to keep it collegial. Our main interest will be to encourage continuous education among medicine, health professionals and allied fields as an opportunity to expand their experience and knowledge. Thank you for your support and please don't hesitate to let us know what you will think will make us even better.


                                                Anastasia Karkani